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UK Firms witness sharp drop in available candidates

Michael Chapman
As part of our ongoing support to our clients, we always like to keep abrest of current market conditions. Here is a recent report by the REC detailing how firms in the UK are facing a skills shortage across a wide variety of roles. This translates as the steepest drop in available candidates in the past 16 months.

We realise how 'candidate driven' the UK jobs market is at the moment and this news only adds weight to our current advice to clients to move quickly when they meet a candidate they like. Good candidates are on the market for an average of less than 10 days, so making sure you move quickly is imperitive.

At h2 we can help clients find the right talent, and also give both exceptional candidate (and client) control in order to avoid missing out. Call us today to find out more on 0203 841 2605 or email in to 

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