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What to Expect in Recruiting in 2014

Innovantage recently evaluated data on salaries and hiring demand in 2013 that showed steady increases in both over the course of the year. These are set to continue to grow throughout 2014, but we also need to look at other influencing factors that will shape the face of recruitment in 2014.
The economy is showing increasing signs of growth with 51% of firms interviewed anticipating further recruitment drives in 2014 according to a survey by CBI. Vacancies are also at an all time high since 1998 which shows that the UK is making a comeback from the recession. This being said, there has been a significant increase in zero hour and flexible contracts and companies are finding candidates to replace existing positions rather than fill new ones which makes the findings slightly bias. There are over a million people in part-time work that are unable to find a full-time jobs according to Social Talent, this is at its highest since records began in 1992
The way in which people are finding jobs is changing. With 1 in 5 people primarily using their mobile phone to browse the web and 70% of people using their phones to search for jobs, recruiters need to make their site mobile ready. According to a study by iMomentus a surprising 95% of the Fortune 500 companies’ websites are not optimised for mobile so it will be interesting to see if companies catch up with the times this year and make their sites accessible via smartphones to aid their recruitment process.
Social recruiting is also set to increase over 2014. People are researching potential employers, candidates and recruiters online before they get in touch and the easiest way to do this is through their social media – it is the modern version of a background check. Recruitment companies began to use social media more over 2013 and this social integration will become more profound in 2014. The key to finding top talent may be having a flawless social media strategy and understanding the influence social technology can have on the recruitment process.

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